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International Trade
Sell Around The World
Multi-lingual / Multi-currency

Integrated eCommerce
Easy plug-in ecommerce
Little or no programming

Retail/Wholesale Trade
Manage B2C, B2B accounts
Access anytime anywhere

1-800 Call Center Services
Live operator order taking
& provide customer support

Supply chain logistics
Multiple fulfillment centers
Americas, Europe, Asia

Currency Exchange Rates

Unlimited Web Hosting
FREE set-up

High reliability web hosting with unlimited space
No Hidden Fees
WordPress included
Host Multiple Domains

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Global Fulfillment Center Services

Ship Your Order Within 24hrs.

We are commited to providing the very best in fulfillment services / supply chain logistics management by embracing new ideas, aggressive thinking and new technologies. We welcome all inquiries whether you are conducting international trade or domestic trade, retail or wholesale.

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Let us take the worry out of your fulfillment needs. Taking advantage of our state-of-the-art Fulfillment Center facilities in America, Asia and Europe, our seasoned staff can handle even the most complex projects with complete confidence. Whether it's millions of units or individually gift wrapped premium gifts -- it doesn't matter. We'll handle your program with the care and attention to detail it deserves. 

We look at it very simply. Service is the name of the game. And we make  sure that the right goods arrive at the right destination at the right time -- no excuses. ...

We offer a full range of fulfillment services including the following:

*Receiving - Documentation
*Inspection - Storage
*Unpacking - Repacking
*Palletization - Assembly
*Labeling - Remarking
*Coupon Redemption
*Database Reporting 
*Container Breakdown
*Order Processing
*Inventory Tracking
*Shipping Manifests
*Kit Assembly
*Custom Programming 
*Mailing List Maintenance
Inventory Control
Inventory Handling Warehousing
Return Goods Refurbishing Handling
Advanced Computer Control
Fulfillment Quote Form
Company  Your Name 
E-mail Phone 
City   State    Zip  
1. How many SKUs/items
2. How many units shipped monthly
3. How many units of product on a pallet
4. If available, how many square footage
   per month is needed for storage
5. What common carrier should be used for shipping?
     USPS   UPS   DHL   Fed Ex   Royal Mail   PPS  
     Hong Kong Post   Tiger Express   Bulk Mail   Truck
6. Is the product packaged in remailer carton ?

If yes, size of carton

If yes, size of item

Example: (12" x 12" x 12" or 4" x 4" x 4")
7. Are we providing remailers prior to shipping ?
8. Are the orders for one item or multiple items ?
     One    Multiple
9. If orders are for multiple items, what is
  the average number of pieces per order ?
12. Do you intend to use an outside source for order processing?

    If Yes, please specify company name
13. Are orders being received electronically ?
     YES   NO
14. Will we handle returns ?
     YES   NO
15. What is your returns processing procedure?
16. Will shipping papers include shipping labels?
     YES   NO
17. How many countries do you currently ship to
18. How many countries do you wish to ship to  
19. Additional specific requests regarding your fulfillment needs?
Please provide us with a copy of the following:
(a) Current Order
(b) Current Label
(c) Packing Slip (If available)

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