Your Integrated Global eCommerce Solution
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International Trade
Sell Around The World
Multi-lingual / Multi-currency

Integrated eCommerce
Easy plug-in ecommerce
Little or no programming

Retail/Wholesale Trade
Manage B2C, B2B accounts
Access anytime anywhere

1-800 Call Center Services
Live operator order taking
& provide customer support

Supply chain logistics
Multiple fulfillment centers
Americas, Europe, Asia

Currency Exchange Rates

Unlimited Web Hosting
FREE set-up

High reliability web hosting with unlimited space
No Hidden Fees
WordPress included
Host Multiple Domains

Global eCommerce / eBusiness
Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs The Integrated Global eCommerce Solution ?
Is the service for large companies only ?
Is the system designed for retailers only?
How long will it take to setup ?
How much does it cost ?
Must I purchase special software ?
How secure is my data ?
How/when will I receive reports ?

Who needs The Integrated Fulfillment Solution?

Fortune 500 to businesses of all sizes who wish to seamlessly and effortlessly merge traditional and e-commerce marketing.

Is the service for large companies only?'s flexible design brings Fortune 500 power to businesses of all sizes, in an affordable way by allowing you to select a total solution package or by selecting only which services you currently require and adding on as your business grows.

Is the system designed for retailers only?

Our system can accomodate your retail & wholesale activity. Both your Retail & wholesale customers place orders through through regular channels "call, fax & web site", the only difference being that wholesale accounts must submit their unique account number which automaticaly establishes wholesale pricing, shipping costs, discounts and payment terms specific to each one of your accounts.

How much does it cost ?

Considering the cost-effectiveness of our service we can process and fulfill your retail orders as well as wholesale, reseller and agent accounts for about ( 25% less than regular fulfillment services) , " 24 hours a day". To receive an exact quote just use our AutoQuoter for an instant quotation.

How long will it take to set up?

Set up is quick & simple and will vary according to the nature/complexity of your business.

Must I purchase special software?

For those clients who are using the "Integrated Global eCommerce Solution" no special software is required. If a client elects to handle payment and fulfillment processes in-house, encryption software will then need to be installed on your workstation.

How secure is my data?

To ensure the integrity of your data, we use state of the art technology.

How & when will I receive my reports?

Up to the day Reports are available online.


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